3-Day Special Car Rental Offer

corfu-beachTake advantage from our 3-day Special Rental offers and hire any vehicle that suits you and explore Corfu in style! With our 3-day special offers you can rent a car from our modern fleet and along with your friends or family get the most of Corfu Island. In order to find a car that suits your needs please refer to our cars page

Select amongst our variety of cars, and rent the one you need and we ensure that you will enjoy a safe and nifty driving experience around Corfu Island. So our new cars, as our older ones which are fully serviced and recently completely checked, are waiting for you to rent one of them and explore the furthest or well hidden corners and beaches of our magnificent Island. You can go sightseeing on your own, without following any certain hourly program of your travel agent, and visit the places you really want to visit and just when you really want to.

Use our 4×4’s for off road excursions, rent a small but comfortable city car or a larger family car for touring around Corfu Town or drive a luxury one for long distances. No matter what you are up to, Avanti Car Rental owns a car fleet that is able to offer cars for all tastes and needs. Have a look on our great 3-Day Special Car Rental Offers