Best Beaches To Drive To

18 Jun Best Beaches To Drive To

Corfu is one of the biggest and more famous islands in Greece with some of its beaches being worldwide well-known and in every tourist guide you can find. In Corfu there are so many beaches that you can lose count. Sandy beaches, pebbly beaches ,beaches you can go to relax and beaches you can go to party.

Here I will give you a list of 6 of the beast beaches in Corfu where you can drive to. Beaches for all tastes that will make you wish you could stay there indefinitely.


Located on the west side of Corfu and at a distance of only 18 km(or approximately 11 miles)from the center of Corfu town. Its sandy beach,shallow clear waters and great length and one of the biggest beach bars in Corfu makes Glyfada a great destination for both families and people of all ages who would also like to party.


On the west coast of the island and at a distance of approximately 12 km (7,45 miles) from Corfu town Kontogialos is an easy to drive to,sandy beach,with clear blue waters and a big beach bar .Its short distance from Corfu town and the fact that it is in between many big villages make Kontogialos one of the top destinations for the citizens of Corfu and a great tourist attraction.


Located on a distance of 23km(14.3 miles) north west of the town of Corfu,Paleokastritsa is famous for its crystal clear blue/green waters that are also very deep cold. The beach is pebbly and once you are into the water,after a few steps you are already unable to touch the bottom of the sea. Paleokastritsa is easily accessed via car and there is a big parking lot right behind the beach. What makes Paleokastritsa more special than the rest is the caves where you can go and see the beauty of nature unravel in front of your eyes.


Its location being on the south western coast of Corfu island and at a distance of 20km(12,42 miles) from Corfu town. It may take a bit longer to drive there but Marathias is totally worth the ride. Its long sandy beach,clear blue waters with depth that is appropriate for children and adults and one of the most famous beach bars in Corfu. Plus,if you walk down its shore you will get yourself to a nice surprise nature has for you. Natural gray clay. Very often people walk down the shore and spread it on their bodies because it is know for the good impact it has on the skin. So mostly for women the list goes like:

  • Beach bar
  • Great beach
  • Facial and body cleansing


Located 13km(8.03 miles) from Corfu town and on the north coast of the island Barbati is famous for its crystal clear blue/green deep and cold waters,the pebbly beach. In Barbati you can find beach bars but not like the ones on the rest of the beaches I previously mentioned. They are more quite,with mostly chill-out music playing. There are two parts of the beach,the left part is the more crowded one,organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and the right side of Barbati is not organized and it is family-friendly.

Canal D’Amour

The famous “Canal of Love”,which took its name after the heart-like shape its two shores shape is located on the north west coast of Corfu and at a distance of 36km(22.36 miles) from Corfu town. It may seem as a bit of a long drive but the beach’s beauty and uniqueness will make up for it. The waters there are blue and green and the shore is sandy but underneath the sand there is natural gray clay. There is also gray clay on the rocks and it the water. Canal D’Amour is like a goldmine for clay. Family- friendly,the right place to go and relax and read a book by the sea.



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